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Working It Out

Therapy Group

womens group

Movement in your body creates movement in your life ....

Working it out therapy is a revolutionary support group for women.  It is a group that supports the well-being of women through exercise, nutrition, and talk therapy.
Get your heart pumping through a combination of yoga, pilates, strength training and cardio bursts. Feel heard and supported as we discuss common struggles.  Discover how to best nourish your mind, body and soul with exercise, nutrition and meditation.
Join me for this mind-body experience that will leave you feeling uplifted through movement & connection. 


Per Group: $25 

Package Discount: $100 (for all five)

Topics to Explore:

perfectionism, values, inner critic, nourishment, being overwhelmed,

self-care, and support.


4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4

Time: 10am-11:15am


101 Manor Ave


calm mind
Calm your mind_edited.png


6:30pm - 8pm

5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29


1600 Yellow Springs Rd Suite 200

Chester Springs, 19425


$200 for full series

$180 if paid for by 5/1

Four Class series

Come tune into your body and clear your mind of limiting beliefs. 
Experience simple movements and an effective technique to gain freedom around:

A recent transplant from San Francisco, Camilla Coakley, LCSW, CPT, CHC  is a licensed psychotherapist who is bridging the gap between mental and physical health. By integrating movement & nutritional guidance into her therapy sessions, Camilla offers her clients a truly holistic approach that nourishes and heals both the mind and the body.

Andrea Littlewood is a 20 year Nationally Certified Pilates instructor and Functional Movement Specialist and a dedicated Release Technique meditation practitioner. The mind and body are tools but the Spirit (True Self) is the goal. Her work is about gaining freedom in movement and freedom from the mind to lead others to Presence, True Self.

What's Holding You Back?

In this workshop series, you will move and be moved.​ 


Starting with breath and tuning into Self, what do we notice?​ 

We move into stretching and feeling the body as a moving vehicle...​


​Where are you moving? where are you limited? where are you stuck?


Its a topic many of us can relate to. Does the body have to be perfect to love it? Do we have to perform perfectly to self accept?



What happens when you feel out of control or when you feel over controlling? Do you over control the body? What happens if you let go of control?



Life can be overwhelming, our own desires can be overwhelming. Taking care of our health, balancing family and finances can lead us to feelings of overwhelm that stop us from moving forward or taking on more.



Can we trust Life? Can we trust ourselves? Can we trust our bodies? Can we trust our process and growth?

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