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Services & Fees

Our number one goal is to offer you a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

Free Phone Consult

Before committing to a full session, start with a free 15 minute consult. This an opportunity for you to ask questions, get to know our approach and see if it feels like a good fit.

The connection you have with your therapist or coach is everything! The biggest predicator to success in treatment is the chemistry you have with your therapist/coach. It's a good idea to "shop around" and interview a few providers. 

This consult call allows us to get a sense of each other and to see if it's a good fit. If it doesn't feel like a strong connection we are happy to offer you referrals.  It's a huge step to reach out for support and we want to make sure it is a good and worthwhile experience for you, no matter who you choose to work with. 

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.    -Anna Quindlen
Therapy & Life Coaching

Depending on your needs, you might work with us in a therapy or a coaching relationship.  If you are unsure if you need coaching or therapy you can reach out to us and we can guide you as to what would be the best fit. Often clients who start out in therapy may shift to coaching as their needs change.  Therapy and coaching may seem similar, yet these approaches are uniquely different. We are different than traditional mental health practices. As a holistic practice, we integrate mind/body modalities into our sessions.  This may include exploring sleep and nutritional support, and blending breathwork, mindfulness, yoga and/or embodiment into your session. If it feels right and supportive we may even get out into nature for walk and talk sessions.  It is all personalized to you and what you need in any given session.  Our goal is to support your emotional wellness not only by talking through your past core wounds and current struggles, but also through helping you to feel safe in connecting to the wisdom of your body. We like to describe what we do as helping our clients upgrade their operating system---- integrating mind/body approaches into sessions has proven to be exceptionally effective at helping our clients uplevel in all areas of their lives.

Rates & Fees

Our practice offers discounted rates when working with a graduate intern. If you are interested in working with our intern you can request that in your consult. Working with an intern can be an excellent option to get the support you need without breaking the bank. Therapy can be expensive and by having dedicated interns in our practice we can offer quality personalized mental health care at an affordable price.   Kaitlin Battiste is our current intern. Kaitlin is a certified yoga teacher; she integrates yoga for mental health as well as mindfulness coaching into her practice. She is a gifted student of therapy and coaching; she is fully aligned with our practice's mission of going above and beyond for our clients. Kaitlin's dedication and compassion allows her clients to feel incredibly supported and to know that she is fully in their corner. Kaitlin specifically works with teens, college/grad students, and young adults who are struggling with imposter syndrome, comparison, low self-worth, and feelings of overwhelm and confusion about what to do in their lives. Our interns are supervised by our lead therapist, Camilla Coakley, LCSW who has 21 years of experience.

Discovery Intake Session - 90 mins
  • $245 - $265 Licensed Therapist / Coach

  • $105 Graduate Intern - sliding scale available 

  • During the intake session, we take a very detailed history of your current and past challenges.  We explore your responses to the intake questionnaire in great depth, which offers a keen insight as to what needs attending to.  We take a look at your struggles as well as what is working well in your life. The latter can often get overlooked, and yet a big part of your treatment will be uncovering your resilience and building off of your strengths. This detailed intake will offer clarity and provide a roadmap for what to focus on in your sessions.

Therapy / Coaching Session - 60 mins
  • $185 - $205 Licensed Therapist / Coach

  • $85 Graduate Intern - sliding scale available 

Get To Know Us

We take on fewer clients so we can offer more.

  • Longer sessions - 60 min vs 50 mins.
  • Text support & voice memos in between sessions.
  • Session summaries sent to you.
  • Mind/Body integration.  
  • House calls as needed.

Holistic Coaching 





Therapy and life coaching like many worthwhile things, takes time and it is not a passive process. At a certain point however, clients may reach a plateau and may need a shift in treatment to enhance the work they have done. Concentrated holistic coaching is often the added support that a client may need in order to integrate the new openess to change they gained from therapy. In short, it can help them do things that before they were not able to do --- often this has a lot to do with lifestyle and healthy living habits to enhance their wellbeing. People often know what to do, but struggle with aligning their behaviors with their values. We offer personalized mind/body coaching specific to what the clients needs uplevel and live at their highest and best.

What is Holistic Coaching Exactly?

Coaching in this way helps to integrate and incorporate all that you know will serve you at your highest and best, but that which you are having trouble doing consistently. Holistic Coaching embodies any coaching that attends to helping clients live a healthier, less stressed lifestyle.

Holistic Coaching Blends Any (and maybe all) of the Following:

Health Coaching: Your overall well-being is based on the foundation of consistent healthy choices. Your health coach supports you in making micro-behavior changes that add up over time. Specifically, health coaching focuses on good sleep hygiene, healthy food choices, consistent exercise, and stress management.

Accountability Coaching: You know what do to, but you need someone to help you stay accountable in doing it. Live sessions combined with frequent text support are the essential components of accountability coaching; by keeping you accountable you have the support and encouragement needed to take the consistent steps to reach your goals; accountability coaching is extremely helpful for ADHD clients and clients needing support in making consistent healthy choices.

Mindfulness/Breathwork Coaching: Mindfulness invites you to slow down, and breathwork softens your nervous system; this coaching gets you present and more attuned to the here and the now. By helping you let go of your attachment to the outcome (fixation on the "destination"), mindfulness helps you to ease tension so that you can open up and enjoy the journey of your life.


Embodiment/Yoga Coaching: Connecting to your body is essential for your well-being; your coach will gently guide you to tune into your interoception and learn subtle cues your body gives you to slow down and reset your nervous system.  Your coach will guide you to pay attention from a body-up (feeling) experience versus a top-down (thinking) perspective. Learning to tune into your embodied intelligence is a game changer for emotional wellness that will support your lifelong emotional wellness.

Holistic Coaching Session
  • $145 - 50 minutes (includes text support in between sessions)

  • $118 - 30 minutes (includes text support in between sessions)

  • $460 - unlimited monthly text & voice memo support (no live sessions)

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