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If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

 ~ Lemony Snicket


& Fees 

Before committing to a full priced session, start with a 
A consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to see if I am a good fit for your wellness needs. 
SoundMind/SoundBody Therapy Sessions

Honoring the truth that food and exercise are nature's medicine for both physical and mental health, a portion of our session is dedicated to movement and nutritional guidance. Many clients like to combine natural movement with talk therapy, known as walk (or run) talk therapy. Walk and talk therapy can be in-person or remote via phone. 

Regular Rates:
$160 per 60 min session.  
 $175 per 75-90 min session.
75-90 minutes is recommended for clients who want  even more time spent on the integration of movement/nutrition. ** First session (intake) is 75-90mins. 

Frequent Flyer *Reduced Rates:

 (clients with four+ sessions scheduled monthly)
 $155 per 60 min session.
College Student Rates:
A limited number of college-student rates are available to students enrolled and attending a college/university.
Insurance Reimbursement Available.

Session Location

In Person: office or nature setting.
Remote: phone or secure video chat. 
Unlimited secure text support in between sessions for
Additional Health Coach (nutrition & fitness) Strategy Sessions are available to soundmind/soundbody clients.   

Change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.

Discovery Intake Session

The Discovery Intake Session is where new clients start.  This is a one time session with a lot to cover, which is why Discovery Intake Sessions are longer (75-90 mins) I like to have enough time so that we never feel rushed. less th


This session allows us to not only see if we are a good fit, but also this session will help you to become clear on not only your goals, but also on what exactly is getting in your way of feeling your very best.


During the Discovery Intake Session I take a very detailed history of your current and past challenges.  We explore your responses to the intake questionnaire in great depth, which offers a keen insight as to what needs attending to.  We take a look at your challenges as well as what is working well in your life.  Nutritional concerns and exercise history and goals are also covered in a Discovery Intake SessionThis exploration helps us to focus and develop a healing plan that will support you as you make lasting healthy changes.

 $175 for a 75-90 min Discovery Session.
 90 minutes is recommended for those want to 
integrate movement into the discovery session.
This first session is a chance for you to get to know my style and an opportunity for you to ask specific questions.
The discovery session is part detailed intake and part sampling of what a session with me is like.
You will leave the discovery session with a game plan of how to best nourish your mind and your body so that you can start feeling better both physically and emotionally.
The discovery session will allow us to uncover what treatment plan, resources, modalities, and support will best serve you in feeling healthier and happier.

 The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.    

 ~ Anna Quindlen  

health coaching
Health & Accountabilty Coaching Sessions
New clients can benefit from additional health coaching sessions. There often can be a lot of questions, especially in the beginning, about diet and implementing a fitness routine.  A few sessions fully dedicated to health coaching will help you get your questions answered and help you get a committed plan for nourishing your body and mind.   
 $155 per 60 min session.
Frequent Flyer *Reduced Rate:
(clients with four+ sessions scheduled monthly)
(includes unlimited text Accountability Coaching)

$145 per 60 min session

In person or virtual pantry assessment.
Custom nutrition session highlighting which foods to eliminate and which foods to bring in.
Personal fitness instruction and personal fitness routine.
Meal ideas, recipes, resources and more! 
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