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Do you fear that the trouble in your marriage is a sign that you are heading for divorce? Are you grieving the end of a marriage and everything that came along with it?


Divorce is a stressful, life changing event. Many people experience the stages of grief as they process the loss of their marriage. Some people can struggle with moving through the emotions that get brought up from the end of their marriage. 

I am a child of divorce, and I have seen and experienced first-hand how divorce can have long lasting, negative impacts. I have also seen, that with the right support, people can make positive choices that allow them (and their families) to live happier, healthier lives.

Going through a divorce can cause you to question how you want to lead your life as a unmarried person.  It is huge shift and a significant role change.  A divorce can open up an opportunity for reflection on the past, a re-examining of values and a shift in perspective.

​Divorce often can be a catalyst for wanting to make changes in your own life, but experiencing the loss of a marriage is also quite scary and often paralyzing. I help you to take the time process the pain, sadness and stress of ending your marriage so that you can move forward in your life. I partner with you to help you move through the heaviness so that you can be ready for the transformative impact that loss can invoke.


Honoring the premise that "movement in your body creates movement in your life", I help you process your divorce not only by traditional psychotherapy, but also by​ inviting you to join me in moving your body. By taking this integrated approach, you will discover your own strength as you attend to past pains, while at the same time gain confidence in your ability to move forward into a healthier, happier life. 

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