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Does your job leave you feeling physically depleted and mentally exhausted? Have you noticed you've been getting sick more frequently than usual?


Burnout is no joke. It can manifest as depression, irritability, frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, insomnia, overwhelm, and emotional and physical exhaustion. The prolonged stress of burnout can literally make you sick. From getting colds that never go away, to losing hair, to developing autoimmune conditions, burnout takes a toll on your body and your mind.   

Burnout can happen to anyone, but the professionals most at risk are those who work in medicine, business owners, employees of start-up companies, attorneys, teachers, and working mothers.   

The Atlantic published an article called the Burnout Crisis in American Medicine. More and more physicians are questioning leaving their profession due to the barrage of electronic record requirements that leave such little time for actual patient care. 

It is a crisis not just for the medical profession, but for anyone who has an absurdly high workload that is deadline-driven. The high pressure and high stress without a balance in reward or in time off, is not sustainable.

In working with clients who are struggling with burnout, we help the client take a look at workload, explore values, and initiate self-care. This can look different for everyone, but the key for us is to support our clients as they 1.) take a hard look at what is serving them in a positive healthy way and 2.) what is destroying their emotional and physical wellness.

The self-care we are talking about is not us saying, "Oh just get a massage and you'll feel better".  It is slowly but surely exploring what areas in your life need more support and attending to. This includes, but is not limited to: physical self-care, emotional self-care, financial self-care, social-self care, environmental self-care. Check out our blog to learn more about self-care for burnout. 

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