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Do you get easily side-tracked or have trouble staying focused? Are you exhausted from trying so hard to meet the demands of others at work or in other day-to-day tasks?


People often assume two things about ADD/ADHD, they assume a.) it's a childhood disorder and b.) medication is the only treatment. These assumptions are only partly true. Adults also struggle with ADD/ADHD. Some adults were diagnosed as children, others weren't diagnosed until well into adulthood. 


For some, medication can be extremely helpful, but for others, the side effects are such that medication isn't the best option, or they simply want to try alternative treatment in lieu or in addition to medication.  

Tardiness, losing things (namely your keys!), procrastination, clutter, trouble concentrating, difficulty sitting still, and/or struggling with completing a task/assignment are just some of the many challenges of living with ADHD. There are proven strategies that can be tremendously helpful for those who are struggling with ADHD. We can help you tease out which strategies will relieve you of feeling like ADHD is a handicap, and instead allow you to feel that you can thrive not only with ADHD but, because of it!

Living with ADHD can be a real struggle, but it doesn't have to be. The key to successfully thriving with ADHD is implementing strategies & techniques that work with your ADHD, not against it. From using visual timers, to swivel/rocking chairs, to adding more protein and limiting sugar, to supplementing with fish oil, to daily exercise, to music dance breaks.  There are many ways to improve your focus and eliminate overwhelm and the dreaded procrastination "paralysis".  The biggest challenge is staying consistent with these strategies.

We offer accountability and support in implementing and consistently using these strategies in your life.  

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