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Beyond Talk Therapy

Holistic therapy and coaching for those

who are tired of never feeling good enough.

 You have come to the right place. 

If you are your own worst critic and you struggle with self-doubt, pressure, comparison and dissatisfaction, we can help. We are experts at helping people heal from their harsh negative self-talk.

We use an integrative mind/body approach to help you feel emotionally and physically lighter, healthier, more self-assured, accomplished, and more at peace in your life. 


Do you find yourself saying should a lot?.."I should do, I should be, I should have..."


Do you overly compare yourself to others? "Everyone else has it figured out / everyone is better than me." 

People Pleasing

Do you tend to say yes to everyone but yourself. Are you saying yes because you feel like you have to, or guilty if you don't?  Perhaps this leaves you feeling exhausted and maybe resentful?

Never Enough

Do you have that constant and depleting sense of never feeling good enough? or like you never quite measure up. 


Do you feel like something is wrong with you? Are you anxious about it? Are you anxious about being anxious, which makes you more anxious?


Have you been turning to netflix, junk food, or weed/alcohol for comfort and distraction even though it leaves you feeling guilty and dissatisfied?


Are you feeling stuck? And you know something has got to change. Are you looking for tools and support that will help you make postive lasting change in your life?


Does it feel like you are barely keeping your head above water? Do you feel like you are never caught up. 


Do you want to feel more self-assured and stop second guessing yourself?


Do you feel like you have let yourself go. Are you wanting to feel stronger and healthier?


Maybe you have job title you want, yet you still feel like an imposter in your life?

No Joy

Have you noticed that you don't really laugh or have fun? Is it hard for you to relax enough to enjoy your life?


Are you exhausted from the constant inner pressure of having to do it all and be it all. Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to meet your and others expections of you? 

Worst Case

Do overly focus on the worst-case scenario? "What if something bad happens?"; "What will happen if I don't..."


Are worried about what others might think? Are you worried & stressed, in general, about your life and your future?


Are you running on fumes? Are your feeling burnt-out from all of your responsiblites at work and at home.

Past Mistakes

Do you find yourself fixated on past mistake? Feeling disappointed in yourself or guilt/shame?

Glass 1/2 empty

Do you tend to focus on your "shortcomings"? "I can't catch a break"; "I am not doing enough", "I am not smart, rich, cool, healthy enough".


Does rumination/overhtinking keep you from sleeping at night or makes it hard for you to focus during the day?


Do you want to feel lighter and more at peace with yourself, in your relationships and in your world?

You don't have to feel this way.
You can feel better.

There is a new -old- way to feel better, and it seems reimagined...but actually, it's just coming back to the wisdom of
the mind-body connection.

Because Mental Health Isn't Just About Your Mind.

Imagine getting the support and tools you need to let go of old patterns and current struggles so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Imagine feeling more present, lighter, healthier, purposeful, accomplished, more at ease, and finally being able to enjoy your life.  

We warmly welcome you to explore SoundMind/SoundBody:

An outcome-driven holistic approach that integrates both the mind and the body in your treatment.

We go beyond the couch.

     From walk-and-talk sessions, to practicing breathwork while laying on the floor, to helping you stay accountable outside of sessions, we help you exhale literally and figuratively in a way that feels best for you.

Getting Back to The Basics

Beyond using therapy and coaching to help you process emotional pains and learn coping skills and tools, we invite you to bring it back to the BASICS.

These modern times are beckoning, if not requiring, us to: 

• Move our bodies more often.

• Cut down on the junk and eat whole foods.

• Spend time in nature.

• Find moments to pause and breathe.

Walk & Talk Therapy: The act of walking used in combination with talk therapy helps you to open up, knock down barriers, reconnect to the body, release what is no longer serving you, restore balance, and regain perspective. Walk & Talk Therapy has been shown to reduce depression, relieve anxiety, lower stress, and boost self-esteem.

Mindfulness & Meditation: Mindfulness is the art of bringing your awareness to the present moment; it is an effective tool for changing your stress level in the here and now. Meditation takes it a step further to give your body deep, healing rest, thereby helping you alleviate your current stress and release stress from the past. 

Nutritional Psychology: An emerging field outlining how nutrients can affect mood and behavior. Nutrition for mental health explores gut health, nutritional deficiencies, as well as food and supplements that nourish the body and mind.  Equally important is to look at one's relationship with food.  It isn't just about knowing what to eat; it's also very much about supporting the challenging, yet worthwhile, pursuit of behavior change. 

Movement for Emotional Wellness: Exercising alleviates stress and anxiety, decreases the risk of depression,  improves self-esteem, and elevates mood. Exploring one's motivation for exercise is essential to lead lasting change. Movement in your body creates movement in your life. 

Nature & Garden Therapy: The medicine of simply being in nature. Taking a "forest bath" is grounding and soothing to the mind, body, and soul. It has been proven that simply being in nature reduces stress, decreases anxiety, elevates mood, and strengthens the immune system. For those who want to get their hands dirty, we offer garden therapy, which invites not only mindfulness but also the opportunity to witness growth and transformation; from seemingly dead earth is fertile ground just waiting for the ingredients it needs to grow --which relates beautifully to our clients' capacity to grow and bloom into the essence of who they are! 

Yoga & Embodiment: Connecting to your body through postures and gentle movement allows for mind-body centering--it grounds you at the cellular level. Integrating yoga and embodiment into therapy allows your overthinking brain to go offline so that you can lead with the wisdom of your body. This is essential in healing core pains because it allows you to soften your nervous system--teaching your mind, body, spirit and soul to feel safe with yourself, as yourself.

Forest Therapy


We are in your corner.

We provide personalized care both in and out of sessions. We offer a communication bridge between sessions through secure text messaging. Our accessibility and availability have proven to be invaluable to our clients.


About Us

We are a group of compassionate therapists and coaches who have been in your shoes. We get it - professionally and personally - because we have all experienced our own emotional and physical health struggles.

It is from our collective experiences, education, background, skills and passion that we can support you in feeling better, the whole you--Mind & Body. 

We like to call what we offer "a gentle upgrade to your operating system".  No matter the therapist/coach you choose to work with, they will be there, in your corner supporting you as you navigate making subtle and profound changes that leave you feeling lighter, less stressed, more self-assured and happier in your life.


We are dedicated to helping you upgrade your "operating system" and make lasting positive changes in your life.

Our Approach

Change is hard. It really is.  But it's not impossible. Change happens overtime in the little things you do consistently.  It starts by becoming aware of old patterns that aren't serving you; it starts by noticing the struggles that you haven't addressed or are avoiding.  It is only once you become aware, that you can begin to gently shift how you think, act, behave and relate. 


By blending movement, nutritional guidance, mindfulness and breathwork into therapy sessions, we offer an upgrade to traditional therapy.  Our integrated approach will help to you change the way you live and change the way you feel, for the better.  We are in your corner supporting you, as you discover what helps you live a healthier, happier life.


We work in partnership with you.

We check in with you to see what's working and what isn't.  We make necessary shifts in order to make sure you are reaching your goals. We don't hesitate to offer referrals when needed. 

We are outcome-driven

From longer sessions, to being accessible via secure text, to to providing detailed session summaries to our clients, we offer more support so our clients reach their goals faster. 

What Clients Say

“My sessions have helped me to get unstuck and feel better in my life.  In the past, I felt like I was just talking about my problems, here I am making changes. It is so helpful knowing that can reach out in between sessions. I feel incredibly supported. And the session summaries she sends to me are so helpful.”

 -Alex K.

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