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Getting Back to The Basics

These modern times are beckoning, if not requiring, us to spend time in nature.  Whenever possible, I use the naturally therapeutic outdoors for my sessions.

Forest Therapy: The medicine of simply being in the forest.  Taking a "forest bath" is grounding and soothing to the mind, body and soul.  It has been proven that simply just being in nature decreases stress, elevates mood and strengthens the immune system.

Walk/Run & Talk Therapy: The act of running or walking used in combination with talk therapy to open up, take down barriers, reconnect to the body, release what is no longer serving you, restore balance and regain perspective. Walk/Run & Talk Therapy has been shown to reduce depression, relieve anxiety, lower stress and boost self-esteem.


About Me

It was well before I became a licensed psychotherapist, that I realized how beneficial exercise is for emotional health.  Going for a run would always boost my mood and calm my mind; it was my natural anti-anxiety and my natural anti-depressant.  But when my digestion became burdened, my energy became so low that I couldn't even exercise.  It was then that I sought out a healing diet.  Being young and naive, I never stuck with any limiting diet for too long.  I wanted the quick fix.  I never gave my body (and mind) the chance to fully heal until I wised up.

My Approach

By blending exercise and nutritional guidance into my therapy sessions with you, I help you change the way you live. I help you change the way you feel. I'm in you corner supporting you, as you discover what helps you live a healthier, happier life.


Let's Talk.

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What Clients Say

“After years of looking for the right therapist, I finally found her!  Cam's approach allows me to attend to my whole self— mind, body & soul.”

 ~Bryan M.

West Chester, PA
Wayne, PA
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