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Self Esteem typically develops in childhood. That being said at anytime your self-esteem can be negatively or positively impacted. 


Self esteem can be negatively affected by a series of rejections and/or feeling like a failure in your personal or professional life.  Low self-esteem manifests as feeling insecure, self-doubt, feeling shameful, self-criticism, negative self-talk, comparing yourself to others, low self-worth, isolating yourself, codependency, suppressing anger, and/or feeling like a disappointment to yourself and to others.  Feeling overweight or out of shape or just generally unhappy with your body is very much associated with a lower self-esteem. 

Numerous research correlates exercise with higher self-esteem, more confidence and increased sense of wellbeing. This is why we integrate nutrition and movement into our soundmind/soundbody sessions  with you.  It is challenging to have a healthy self-esteem if you don't feel good in your body.  

However even with increased exercise, your mind can be so accustomed to the negative self-talk loop that you lose the ability to clearly and honestly see yourself.   So beyond helping you incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your life, we also partner with you to peel away the layers that are keeping you stuck; together we uncover and examine your core pains and any events in your history that are getting in your way of living a healthier and happier future. 

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